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Laura has lived and worked in the Pioneer Valley in Western Mass for most of her life. She loves the blend of natural beauty, academia and working class values that are unique to the area. With a background in hospitality and education, she has always been drawn to fields that offered opportunities for service and instruction.

Serendipity struck while Laura and her husband began their search for their first home. It was then that she realized she could blend her interest in design and architecture with her professional skill set, all while raising her young family.

Years later, Laura is enjoying continued success in a career that she feels is perfectly suited to her. No two days on the job are exactly alike and she loves the chance to advise clients from all walks of life - many of whom have now become great friends. In order to offer the highest level of service and assistance to her clients in an ever-changing field, she maintains the importance of education and building strong relationships with affiliates in the industry - namely attorneys, inspectors and lenders. All of this enables her to help you gather all of the resources necessary for a smooth and successful transaction.

Whether you are considering buying or selling, rest assured that Laura will guide you through the process with confidence and compassion. You will benefit from her professionalism, attention to detail and creativity - all helping you to find a home perfectly suited to your needs, or a buyer perfectly suited to your home.